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Conscious Coaching with The Conscious Company

Working with us


  • Coaching experience in multi-national organisations of almost 30 years
  • Coaching linked to your organisational objectives, team objectives and to ROI
  • Fast multi-level coaching programme

Coaching themes include

  1. Leadership
  • Hands, head and heart of success
  • Within so without
  • Learner, leader, legend
  • The leadership / followership continuum
  • The attributes of legendary leaders
  • Power vs force
  • The 7 levels of motivation; how to motivate
  • The Heart of vision and purpose
  • The power of a big hairy audacious goal
  • Measuring for success
  • The PAIN process for leaders
  1. Empowerment
  • What does empowerment really mean?
  • Account-ability and response-ability
  • Where am I in my role and my career?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • What could be developed to speed career progression?
  • The discipline of time management
  • Where does authority come from?
  • Building to grow; building to last
  1. People management
  • Developing self-directed teams
  • Enabling exceptional team performance
  • Managing upwards, leading downwards
  • Developing exceptional individuals
  • The power of systems thinking
  • Consciousness in business
  • Dynamics of success
  • Influential communication
  • The shadow, the light and me
  • Coaching is the new leadership

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