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Did you know that the rate at which your conscious mind is able to process information is 24 frames a second? We know this because this is the rate at which movie frames are spooled. We’ll call this thinking.

A number of years ago an ad was run for a well-known soft drink organization. The ad spooled faster than the 24 frames and was therefore ‘under’ or outside people’s conscious awareness. Even so, sales of the soft drink were reported to increase by as much as 200% when the ad was screened.

The result was interesting, because it showed the power of the ‘other than conscious’ mind (we’ll call this your wisdom) in inspiring action.

This part of your mind is crucial in determining your actions and reactions. It is the part of you remembering to breathe as you read this, or noting how it feels to be sitting on your chair. This wisdom can hold millions of bits of information in your mind at any one time.

Wisdom is extreme awareness

And it is the part of you that contributes to 3 states of extreme awareness:

The first is rapid cognition, which gives you the ability to know or sense something immediately without reasoning. This is the part that was expressed by John, a client in a coaching session last week, when he said: ‘I just know I trust my new boss and want to work with him. I don’t know why, I just do.’

I knew that John was responding to some internal urge from his ‘wisdom’ that had picked up thousands of minute pieces of information in his meetings with his new boss and processed them all to give him a ‘wisdom’ that his heart was urging him to follow. When this kind of rapid cognition or intuition happens to you – take action!

The second is heart thinking, which happens when you just feel a powerful emotion towards something that seems out of context to the thing itself. Jenny was telling me of her new house. She expressed heart thinking when she told me ‘I just love it, love it, love it. I am so happy.’ When you feel emotion powerfully, trust it!

‘Eureka – I have got it!’ (Archimedes)

The final awareness is inspiration. This happens when a great idea comes to you and you just ‘know’ what to do. Often, this kind of inspiration occurs when you are doing something else: taking a bath, driving a car. At these times, your conscious mind is otherwise occupied and opens up to the ‘other than conscious’ part of you. And when this happens, genius results.

So…Don’t think, act!

However, as Archimedes also said, when ideas come to you in this way; act. Immediately. If you don’t, the doubter will make a grand entrance and give you all the reasons why you shouldn’t.

So although this sounds counter-intuitive – you too are a genius as long as you allow your wisdom to serve you and quieten your thinking mind.

(c) Anne Fuller-Good





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