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Think about something you did yesterday. Did you want to do it, or did you have to do it?

Two small 4 letter words. But they represent the difference between mediocrity and genius.

Lets have a look at this a bit further. At any one time, 7 levels of motivation guide you.

The compliance levels are so-called because they require you to merely respond to forces outside yourself.

Have to

The mortgage level of motivation. You know you have to pay your mortgage otherwise you might lose your house. So, with great reluctance, you climb out of your warm bed to go to work – because you ‘have to’. This level of motivation comes outside of you and is one you naturally resist with every fibre of your being.

Should / must

The ‘broccoli level’: Typically ‘should or must’ emerges when you are re-enacting the parent within. For example, your parents said you ‘should eat er… broccoli. So you comply even though inside you resist and resent.

Need to:

The gym level of motivation. I know I need to go to the gym today because I ate that cake yesterday… This level of motivation has some internal personal desire but is still compliant with outside impetus, rules or forces. Although you might comply to this level of motivation, you do it with bad grace, with resistance and with a lack of joy.

The commitment levels of motivation emerge in response to the beginnings of enthusiasm within. This is the level of want, desire and choice. At this point, you become committed to the outcome – because you decided what it would be.

Want to

The ice-cream level of motivation. ‘What do you want?’ is one of the most powerful questions. But many of you were trained at a young age that ‘want doesn’t get’. It takes courage to discover that when you begin to tap into your own wishes, you find yourself much more committed to the outcome.

Desire to

The aspiration level of motivation. Commitment to the outcome is much more powerful at this level, because when you desire to do something, you bring some part of your own inner urging to the world rather than merely implementing the approach of another.

Choose to

The decision level of motivation. It takes courage to make a decision on the way forward, because you also become responsible for the outcome. At the choice level, it is no longer possible for you to blame another for the situation you find yourself in. You alone created it. On the other hand, when you also know that it is your own energy and soul urging that has led to where you are, then you are taking your rightful place as a master creator.

And finally, we reach the inspiration and genius inherent within you.

Love to

When you have the audacity to do what you love, you reach levels of passion and service that enable the expression of your true brilliance in the world. And the world is waiting for you.

Could you be ready to risk all on the boldness required to do what you love?

(c) Anne Fuller-Good


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