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I can’t begin to thank Anne enough for how she has helped me over the last year of working together. From the very beginning, Anne expertly combines rapport, psychology, theory and practical tools to form what must be close to the perfect coaching environment for leaders to dig deep, find themselves and accelerate. I have learnt more about myself, leadership and high performance in the last year than I have in a long while.

Jean-Luc Ferriere

Director, Microgaming

Conscious Company technology will give you benefit, whether you are a team, a department, or an entire organisation. You will find immediate results and transformations at all levels even when a few senior people participate in the process.

John McChesney

HR Director, Manx Telecom

Anne Fuller-Good has modelled coaching for all our senior leaders while we were in the process of establishing an internal ‘Manager as Coach’ Programme.

She has been a brilliant coach and each participant got a great deal from the experience.  The impact of these two initiatives has enabled us to achieve unprecedented results over the past year.

Gary Wyley

MD, Festo UK

I have a new perspective on leadership, management, team development, organisational development and how to move my region forward. Since we started this coaching, our region has been performing better than expected. Wish that this process had been available to me earlier in my career. I have gained a lot.
Kobus Bezuidenhout

Regional Director, MultiChoice Africa

We have gained a common purpose and much momentum and motivation from beginning to establish a clear vision across our division. This has helped people to understand more about how they are contributing personally to Oxfam’s overall purpose.

The Conscious Company has been a very powerful approach.

John Whittaker

Oxfam: Director, Marketing Division

A significant journey of self discovery for all our managers, which has impacted on our productivity and significantly progressed our processes. We are now powering towards our vision and BHAG with great confidence.

Standard Bank Gauteng

Your coaching has been the best I have ever had in my career thus far, I have been talking about you to so many mentees and colleagues where applicable.
Josh Zwane

Gauteng Provincial Head, Standard Bank

The Conscious Company approach has had a huge impact on my department. As a result, people think differently about their roles and responsibilities and are much more aware of the bigger picture of what we are working to achieve. Productivity has improved in the department and the blueprint influenced the process of cost saving that has significantly reduced operational costs year-on-year.
John Whittaker

Director, Oxfam

We use you as coach for all our senior executives. The executive coaching continues to be the best investment for all our leaders.
Engineering Employers Federation

Operations Director

Using the Conscious Company blueprint, we moved the management team from a ‘task oriented’ group of people into a strategically focussed team who took over the strategic measurement and management of the company in line with the strategy set by the board. This resulted in a major increase in the amount of responsibility and accountability this team were able to take on and impacted on our levels of productivity and profitability.

Anton Nicoliasen

Standard Bank: Provincial Head

Excellent tool for identifying where our company is from our employees’ point-of-view, versus where our management team believe it to be. And a brilliant way of resolving the differences!
Ferranti Technologies

As a result of working with Anne Fuller-Good, the amount of energy and enthusiasm in our organisation has more than doubled.  People have been more innovative, communicate better and are more focused on what the customer needs.  Our sales have increased significantly in the period following our introduction of the Conscious Company blueprint.

Skerman Group

The Conscious Company blueprint is not just about transforming your organisation.  It is also about creating an enduring and powerful organisation that empowers its people, manages its processes and ensures progress at all levels.


The results have been outstanding. With each session, I could see the organisation visibly changing for the better. Thank you.
Michael Crane

Operations Director, IDIS World Medicines

This has been the most powerful development process I have ever undertaken. It has enabled me to look at how I work on a day-to-day basis and to explore what I need to do to gain more of the results I want. It was not long after we started the coaching, that I found myself doing things more successfully without even thinking about it. Following the end of the coaching programme, I believe that I am now not only more influential and effective; I believe I am happier in my life too.
Roger Gaskell

Manufacturing Director, Ferranti Technologies

Cannot believe how this process has enabled our company to expand and grow. We only invested in the leaders, but the benefits were felt across the whole organisation. We call the process our guru!
The Conscious Company has turned us from a small to a medium sized company.
Rob Vorster

Managing Director, VisualizeIT

It was interesting to participate in a telephone coaching process. I have previously only ever worked with a face-to-face coach and was very sceptical at first. After the first session, I found that the telephone was much easier, more accessible and the coaching much more intense. Indeed, I have to say that Anne Fuller-Good was very powerful as a coach. She challenged and supported me in equal measure. Sometimes it was very hard, but I have to say it was the most worthwhile development process I have ever done.

Brett Wallace

Festo ZA: Managing Director

Ideal for organisations going through major change, who want to engage the whole team in defining the steps needed to achieve their shared vision.

IT Director

Industrial sector

A very powerful coaching process that enables you to develop your team and your organisation in a cohesive and easily measurable way.

Financial Services Organisation

Marketing Director

Anne has been working with EEF Ltd as our Organisational Coach of choice since 2012.

She has worked in a structured, yet flexible way with our high potential emerging Executive leaders. It is rare in my experience to find a Coach who can work successfully over a long period of time with such a diverse range of staff, this has been a great value to our organisation as she has gained an invaluable insight into our culture, values and behaviours.

Anne was particularly valuable during 2018 as we launched our business-wide transformation process. The trust and her reputation with our senior staff made it possible to help individuals navigate and contribute significantly to the required changes.

Anne is a truly skilled, professional, trusted Coach, who I am pleased to endorse on a personal level and on behalf of EEF Ltd.

Caroline Gumble

Chief Operating Officer, EEF Ltd

I have been particularly reflecting back to our coaching session in June last year (midway through our work together) which was a real catalyst and turning point for me professionally and personally.
I wanted to share that some months on I continue to think and behave so differently. I reflect lots when things go well and not so well and learn from this. I now spend most of my time working more strategically – this is a big change compared to when we started working together some 12 months or more ago. I’m pleased to say we’re making great progress. And I love it!
Finally, thanks to your help, the action I look on the back of this June session below resulted in over £200k of income being generated for the business, new products being developed and a cross-functional team that won two company awards for excellent collaborative working. It was a proud moment a couple of weeks ago when the team was announced national winners at a gala dinner event.
Jo Brittan

National Marketing Manager, Engineering Employers Federation

I just wanted to let you know that our Regional Branch did very well last year.  We managed to make most of our targets and most important of all we made the yearly budget for the first time since 2011.  I just wanted to let you know, and thank you again for all the time and effort you put into helping me when I first came into the role.  I have looked back on the year and how much I have learned and grown and often wonder where the hell I found the energy and commitment to do what we did last year.  I can only attribute it to the coaching we did in 2013.  I am not the same person.  I have developed beyond what I ever thought I was capable of.  My only wish is that I had contacted you 10 years ago!

Peter Mulock-Houwer

Regional Manager, Festo ZA

We worked with Anne and the Conscious Coaching process to turn around one of our teams. The changes in performance and productivity have been incredible. People are taking accountability and responsibility for outcomes and our results have improved significantly as a result.  Pleased with the investment.

Engineering Industry

General Manager

The team coaching process has added a lot to our performance over the past year. It has been a significant addition to the individual coaching you ran for our individual executives last year that significantly improved our performance. With the team coaching as a continual, organisationally focused reminder, we have gone even further this year.

People across the organisation comment on how much our Provincial Team has achieved over the past year, how much they have improved and on the levels of leadership and emotional intelligence each Pexco team member shows. The full Conscious Coaching Programme has enabled us to achieve this.

Anton Nicoliasen

Provincial Head, Standard Bank

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