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I can’t begin to thank Anne enough for how she has helped me over the last year of working together. From the very beginning, Anne expertly combines rapport, psychology, theory and practical tools to form what must be close to the perfect coaching environment for leaders to dig deep, find themselves and accelerate. I have learnt more about myself, leadership and high performance in the last year than I have in a long while.

Jean-Luc Ferriere

Director, Microgaming 2019

I have worked with Anne for over a year and she certainly changed the way I thought about business and myself. If you want somebody to pat you on the back and say ‘well done’ then look elsewhere! If you really want to be challenged and are prepared to have a good look inside yourself and get some fantastic advice about being the best version of you, then I could not recommend Anne highly enough.

Andrew Ward

Health, Safety and Sustainability Divisional Director, Make UK 2018

Conscious Company technology will give you benefit, whether you are a team, a department, or an entire organisation. You will find immediate results and transformations at all levels even when a few senior people participate in the process.

John McChesney

Director of Human Resources, Manx Telecom Ltd 2010

Anne Fuller-Good has modelled coaching for all our senior leaders while we were in the process of establishing an internal ‘Manager as Coach’ Programme.

She has been a brilliant coach and each participant got a great deal from the experience.  The impact of these two initiatives has enabled us to achieve unprecedented results over the past year.

Gary Wyley

MD, Festo UK 2012

A few years ago, I started a journey with Anne in executive coaching and initially thought: “what is this all about?” One then starts learning that you actually “don’t know what you don’t know”. We started exploring several concepts of the different levels of challenges that one has in a day and grouping them into the hands, heads and hearts and the amount of effort you should apply to them. Another concept that was new to me was “the discipline of thinking” and how that applies to decisions and ways of working with people reporting to you and managing up the line. Our two-hour discussions challenged me in ways that I never thought of before and strengthened my relationship with my direct reports, with my peers, with senior management and with my family. What I realised from the executive coaching (and my attitude to the course) was how much value one can extract or learn once your attitude is one of “want to” as opposed to “have to”. The sessions were often very tough (I recall sometimes asking Anne – “what do you want me to say here or please help me here”). I would be happy to recommend Anne’s Executive Coaching to anyone looking to improve their thinking skills, ability to influence other peoples’ thinking, whether from an organisational structure point of view or from personal relationships – family and friends.

Kobus Bezuidenhout

MD, MultiChoice Zambia 2015

I embarked on Anne’s coaching sessions last year. It has been an amazing journey since then until now. An alloy of her professional approach, expertise and experience that cuts across diverse and multiple industries globally, makes her one of the rare coaches I have met. She coached me to navigate difficult corporate challenges so well that I got promoted twice in less than a year. Profound gratitude to Anne! 

Teboho Obed Sello

Direct Banking Manager, Standard Lesotho Bank 2019

I highly recommend Anne. Her refreshingly perceptive, encouraging and challenging style which focuses on attitude, approach and actions sets her apart. Working with Anne has helped me achieve many professional and personal goals in super quick time.
Jo Britton

Leadership Coach 2016

Anne changed my future and I have never been more excited. Anne lifted me out of the weeds. She helped me transition from a technical mindset to one of leadership and gave me the tools and confidence to succeed. Reflecting on where I am now versus where I was before I met Anne, I have achieved what I would have thought previously impossible in both a personal and professional capacity. During our coaching sessions, I learnt more about myself and leadership than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Anne!

Andre Beauzec

Head of iGaming Operations, TechConnect, 2021

I cannot recommend Anne highly enough. Her support, encouragement and patience is unending and her insight into the challenges we face when we are managing a business is very perceptive. She is not afraid of challenging you to help you get the best out of yourself.

Michael Sargeant

Equity Release Specialist, Equity Release Supermarket 2010

Your coaching has been the best I have ever had in my career thus far, I have been talking about you to so many mentees and colleagues where applicable.
Josh Zwane

Regional Manager, Standard Bank of South Africa 2012

Anne is a transformational coach and mentor. After my first session with her, I started asking questions of myself – the big, tough kind – that I may never have reflected on without her guidance and support. As I explored the answers, I discovered new avenues to lead, motivate and empower my team in better, more creative ways. Anne’s coaching has been enlightening, and I would recommend her to any person or business looking to take their leadership skills to the next level.

Keren Chen

Director of Marketing, Microgaming 2020

Anne was an amazing executive coach not only for myself but for my sales organisation too. Personally reflecting on different scenarios years later I can still hear her voice sounding out my actions and reminding me that there are two sides to every coin. It was truly a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with Anne on a personal level and highly recommend her to any person/company who wants to increase their productivity and agility.

Warren Harvard

Product Marketing Manager, Electric Automation Sales Festo UK & Ireland 2016

Excellent tool for identifying where our company is from our employees’ point-of-view, versus where our management team believe it to be. And a brilliant way of resolving the differences!
Terry Scuoler

MD, Ferranti Technologies 2008

We have gained a common purpose and much momentum and motivation from beginning to establish a clear vision across our division. This has helped people to understand more about how they are contributing personally to Oxfam’s overall purpose.

The Conscious Company has been a very powerful approach.

John Whittaker

Director, Marketing Division, Oxfam 2004

A significant journey of self discovery for all our managers, which has impacted on our productivity and significantly progressed our processes. We are now powering towards our vision and BHAG with great confidence.

Hannah Sadiki

Gauteng Provincial Head, Standard Bank of South Africa 2012

Using the Conscious Company blueprint, we moved the management team from a “task oriented” group of people into a strategically focussed team who took over the strategic measurement and management of the company in line with the strategy set by the board. This resulted in a major increase in the amount of responsibility and accountability this team were able to take on and impacted on our levels of productivity and profitability.

Roger Gaskell

MD, Ferranti Technologies 2012

Anne changed my life.  It might seem like an oversell, but it is the truth. In simple terms she gave me skills to help so many people resolve tricky and complicated issues without conflict. Getting people working together, creating a superb engagement culture and in turn, growing business. Thank you Anne!

Fiona Hobbs

Head of Employee Relations and Engagement, Heathrow 2012

Over many years I have had the pleasure of working with Anne as an Executive Coach to benefit many of my high potential Executive Colleagues, resulting in high impact benefits for the individual and the investing organisation. Anne is gifted at unlocking barriers to success and delivering coaching results beyond the scope of the intervention. I fully endorse Anne as a trusted business partner.

Caroline Gumble

Chief Executive Officer , The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) 2018

Having worked with Anne repeatedly over the last ten years or so, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her coaching and business development services. Anne has helped us to develop and deliver on two BHAGS and has provided executive coaching to me and a number of my senior executive colleagues. She has real insight into empowering leaders and facilitating organisation transformation. She is an expert listener who seems to always ask the right questions at just the right time.

Anthony Long

Chartered Director and Executive Chairman, Capital International Group 2018

The results have been outstanding. With each session, I could see the organisation visibly changing for the better. Thank you.
Michael Crane

Operations Director, IDIS World Medicines 2004

This has been the most powerful development process I have ever undertaken. It has enabled me to look at how I work on a day-to-day basis and to explore what I need to do to gain more of the results I want. It was not long after we started the coaching, that I found myself doing things more successfully without even thinking about it. Following the end of the coaching programme, I believe that I am now not only more influential and effective; I believe I am happier in my life too.
Roger Gaskell

Manufacturing Director, Ferranti Technologies 2007

Cannot believe how this process has enabled our company to expand and grow. We only invested in the leaders, but the benefits were felt across the whole organisation. We call the process our guru!
The Conscious Company has turned us from a small to a medium sized company.

Rob Vorster

Managing Director, VisualizeIT 2017

I worked with Anne Fuller-Good – Conscious Company, in my capacity as the then National Sales Manager for Festo South Africa. The project scope included my own personal executive coaching, as well as the coaching of my sales leadership team. Having previously experienced executive coaching, I was an avid endorser of such initiatives, initially however I was more than a little sceptical and curious, as to the effectiveness of no face to face – but rather digital/telephonic coaching. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least! Anne’s experience based competence and professionalism made the method not only seamless, but almost easier and more comfortable to embrace. The collective team approach ensured a united performance embedded mindset, far faster and more effective than any culture development / team building exercise could ever have accomplished. With a united common goal, almost spiritual like determination and a newly found professional confidence, our company results were the best they had been in many, many years. This was the start of a coaching style of leadership within our organisation. I / we, owe much of our success and appreciation to Anne for starting the journey with us and for pointing us in the right direction. I could strongly recommend either individual executive, or where appropriate, team style coaching through Anne Fuller-Good and the Conscious Company.

Brett Wallace

Managing Director, Festo South Africa

Anne’s ability to frame things in a previously unseen way has often brought me a fresh perspective. This has allowed me to leave our coaching sessions appreciating the finer balance in many situations in my life. Her questions are direct and to the point, yet she remains empathetic to the human condition and experience at all times. She has on many occasions become a (challenging and insightful) thinking partner who has enabled me to take my thoughts, emotions and actions to a higher level. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne to individuals and organisations, especially those looking for a step-change in their attitudes, approach and performance.

Judy Goodwin

IT Communication and Engagement Manager, Shoprite Group of Companies 2011

I was promoted from a sales engineer role into the role of Regional Sales Manager whilst employed by Festo South Africa. I was fortunate enough to receive coaching by Anne in order for me to reach the heights my bosses had envisaged for me in my new role. To say the coaching changed my life would be an understatement, truth be told in the coaching sessions with Anne, my entire line of thinking in every aspect of my life was altered. The coaching sessions elevated my desire to grow those around me as well as strengthened my core belief that true success lies within the uplifting of my team, colleagues and family. And so began my journey in “paying it forward” by seeking to understand before being understood and in listening with intend to understand instead of listing with intent to reply. Some 7years after having been coached by Anne I have now completed my advanced Diploma in executive coaching and subsequently take a coaching approach to my management style. As a result of this approach I have enjoyed watching my sales teams excel not just in business but in their way of thinking in general. Anne is without a doubt an extremely knowledgeable and inspirational coach and full of wisdom that helps one achieve that all important “aha” moment in their lives. I can say Anne makes it into my top ten list of great influences in my life. The money spent does not begin to compare to the enlightenment gained, Anne is a 10/10 in my book and I stay in touch with her to this day. So a very big thank you Anne for all the time and patience given in my process of self discovery and your support and facilitation in this regard will never be forgotten.

Nickolas Tinkler

Business Development Manager, Modular Automation 2013

Anne has been working with EEF Ltd as our Organisational Coach of choice since 2012.

She has worked in a structured, yet flexible way with our high potential emerging Executive leaders. It is rare in my experience to find a Coach who can work successfully over a long period of time with such a diverse range of staff, this has been a great value to our organisation as she has gained an invaluable insight into our culture, values and behaviours.

Anne was particularly valuable during 2018 as we launched our business-wide transformation process. The trust and her reputation with our senior staff made it possible to help individuals navigate and contribute significantly to the required changes.

Anne is a truly skilled, professional, trusted Coach, who I am pleased to endorse on a personal level and on behalf of EEF Ltd.

Caroline Gumble

Chief Operating Officer, EEF Ltd 2018

I have been particularly reflecting back to our coaching session in June last year (midway through our work together) which was a real catalyst and turning point for me professionally and personally.
I wanted to share that some months on I continue to think and behave so differently. I reflect lots when things go well and not so well and learn from this. I now spend most of my time working more strategically – this is a big change compared to when we started working together some 12 months or more ago. I’m pleased to say we’re making great progress. And I love it!
Finally, thanks to your help, the action I look on the back of this June session below resulted in over £200k of income being generated for the business, new products being developed and a cross-functional team that won two company awards for excellent collaborative working. It was a proud moment a couple of weeks ago when the team was announced national winners at a gala dinner event.

Jo Britton

National Marketing Manager, Engineering Employers Federation

Anne supported our Executive and Management team in a coaching role to focus us on short, medium and long term goals in delivering a strong development strategy for our business. Through the coaching seesions, behaviour and acceptance of responsibility became quickly evident. The coaching sessions have supported a strong policy deployment approach to our strategy, with us delivering growth during turbulent times, whilst also enabling a maintained focus on medium to long term activity. I would recommend Anne very strongly, if you need to clarify direction, and as an enabler for your team to accept their importance within the business. From a personal level, Anne has brought my focus back to the issues that matter, which has been a great help, since we all sometimes know what we should be doing, but get caught up with the day to day firefights.

Steve Willis

Director - Advanced Manufacturing & Continuous Improvement, Bridon-Bekaert The Ropes Group 2010

I have, as a CEO, involved Anne Fuller-Good as a management guide and mentor in two organisations and have very much benefited from her support and input. Her ability to get to the root of an individual’s, and hence a teams inner self, really helped to expand horizons, an understanding of the need and how to adapt to change and encouraged full utilisation of capabilities. This helped improve team spirit, increase motivation and develop a high performance winning culture. As CEO I felt that I should also have some sessions with her during which It was evident that she planned and prepared well, always linked her guidance and mentoring, to not only get the best out of people, but also how best to support company strategy and the mentees individual objectives. She added significant and ongoing value and I would not hesitate to use her services again.

Terry Scuoler CBE

Chairman, Institute of Export and International Trade 2019

I just wanted to let you know that our Regional Branch did very well last year.  We managed to make most of our targets and most important of all we made the yearly budget for the first time since 2011.  I just wanted to let you know, and thank you again for all the time and effort you put into helping me when I first came into the role.  I have looked back on the year and how much I have learned and grown and often wonder where the hell I found the energy and commitment to do what we did last year.  I can only attribute it to the coaching we did in 2013.  I am not the same person.  I have developed beyond what I ever thought I was capable of.  My only wish is that I had contacted you 10 years ago!

Peter Mulock-Houwer

Regional Manager, Festo ZA

We worked with Anne and the Conscious Coaching process to turn around one of our teams. The changes in performance and productivity have been incredible. People are taking accountability and responsibility for outcomes and our results have improved significantly as a result.  Pleased with the investment.

Peter Roberts

MD, MCT 2006

The team coaching process has added a lot to our performance over the past year. It has been a significant addition to the individual coaching you ran for our individual executives last year that significantly improved our performance. With the team coaching as a continual, organisationally focused reminder, we have gone even further this year.

Using the Conscious Company blueprint, we moved the management team from a ‘task oriented’ group of people into a strategically focussed team who took over the strategic measurement and management of the company in line with the strategy set by the board. This resulted in a major increase in the amount of responsibility and accountability this team were able to take on and impacted on our levels of productivity and profitability.

People across the organisation comment on how much our Provincial Team has achieved over the past year, how much they have improved and on the levels of leadership and emotional intelligence each Pexco team member shows. The full Conscious Coaching Programme has enabled us to achieve this.

Anton Nicoliasen

Provincial Head, Standard Bank

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