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We have been exploring your personal power and where it comes from. We have talked about the fact that your personal power is made up of 3 things: attitude, approach and actions. Today, we take the approach part and explore it a little further.

Did you know that your approach is determined by your ‘intention’. (What do you intend to achieve when you begin something?) And your intention is determined by what you are paying attention to internally.

And there are only two categories of attention: love and fear. What we love we generally move towards and try to have more of. What we fear we generally try to suppress and control in some way.

The fear dimension: Fight, flight, freeze, face
Should I stay or should I go now?

You have probably heard of the fight/flight syndrome. Well if we explore this further, we find it is a bit more complicated than fight or flight. Yes, if you fear something, you will attempt to deal with that fear by fighting what you perceive to be the source of it. Alternatively, you run from it (flight) and so try to control it that way. However, for some the choice of fight or flight is so consuming, that you vacillate and freeze into paralysis.

There are a few of you who have the courage and the awareness to understand what you are paying attention to internally. For those of you, there is no choice but to face the fear and move forward in spite of it. When this happens, something very interesting emerges. The fear disappears. And you realise it was an illusion anyway: the product of erroneous internal thought processes. Once you face the fear, all that remains is the ‘love dimension’.

The love dimension: Intention, inspiration, illumination
What’s love got to do with it?

Intention is the level you get to when you have a clear aim and objective in mind and you are moving forward with purpose. And as many of you know, you are rewarded at this level with achievement and results – even if you have to work hard to get them. And you do need to work hard at this level, because it is here that you begin to break away from the gravity that holds you to the masses.
Inspiration is the level where results seem to come to you without the perspiration. This is the level where passion is common and it seems as if you have endless energy and motivation to continue your quest for results. At this level, it almost seems as if you have broken free of the bounds of gravity and are able to move forward with true power.

is the most powerful and least common level. Illumination happens when ideas seem to arise out of nowhere and you find yourself moving forward carried by a flow of energy and support. It is almost as if the universe is cheering you onwards. When people reach this level it often enables the great paradigm changes that happen in the world every now and again. And interestingly, those at this level recognise the impact of the previous levels and acknowledge that they were a crucial part of the journey. It is almost as if the effortlessness of this level is only possible if you have been willing to offer the effort required at the previous levels.

It does not matter what you do or where you are in your life, you have the power for illumination within you. Especially if you are willing to face the fears that could hold you back and offer the effort required to break free into a new dimension.


(c) Anne Fuller-Good 2012.




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