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When you make your peace with authority, you become authority. (Jim Morrison)


So do you really have authority in your life? Most people equivocate at this question: “sometimes…”; or “in some situations…”

This is because they believe that authority comes from outside them. If asked, they will often say authority comes from the position you hold; or from people who confer it to you. They never mention that authority actually comes from their own perception of whether they have it or not.

In reality, if you think you have author-ity, you will.

This is because author-ity comes from your own decision about whether you are the author of your own life. And if you decide to be the author of your life, you operate very differently than if you think that others are the cause of what happens to you. Lets look at this a bit closer.

If you have author-ity and are willing to be the author of your own existence in all its forms, good and bad, you will be willing to be account-able and response-able.


This actually means being willing (able) to be held to account. If you do this, you will be willing to account for what goes on in your life. So when things happen to you, or you get an outcome you don’t want, you will ask yourself: ‘what part did I play in that’? And you will resist looking outside yourself to other people or situations that could have caused the results you got.


This means being willing (able) to respond in a situation. If you accept responsibility, you will accept that how you respond in a situation determines its outcome. Or, said another way – the outcome in a situation comes from how you responded. If you did not get the outcome you wanted, what could you do about your responses?


If you believe that other people or situations are responsible for what happens in your life, you give your power away. In effect you are saying that someone or something else is more powerful than you. And then you really do not have author-ity. They do.

However, if you are willing to accept account-ability and response-ability, you become em-power-ed.

In other words, you become willing to em-body or re-own your own power. And when you take your power back, you agree once more to be the author of your life.

This is how you will be em-powered, and power-ful. This is how you gain author-ity.

(c) Anne Fuller-Good



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