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Conscious Coaching

Let him that would move the world first move himself.


What is Conscious Coaching?

Coaching that transforms

Coaching offers a gateway: to a new world; a new approach to business; a new level of leadership.

As a result of participating in Conscious Coaching, clients report greater levels of awareness of their role in the world and the legacy they aim to fulfil.

This growing awareness enables a shift in consciousness, an opening to new levels of awareness and thinking; the kind of shift that is behind all great growth and change in human history.

Conscious Coaching is a 3-level coaching process, engaging all three human brains: the hands, the head and the heart. It is designed to create awareness of the genius within and the consciousness of how to use it.


Conscious Coaching is designed to ensure the science, art and power of transformation by developing 3 profound abilities:

What will becoming a conscious company do for me?

When you participate in the Conscious Company Programme, you will experience a changing business paradigm, where you increase your profits by changing your awareness or approach to the way you do business. This leads to change in your behaviours and actions that lead to increased results.

Every single one of the organisations we have worked with on the Conscious Company Programme have set a ‘big hairy audacious goal’ at the start of our journey that represents a 30% increase in productivity. Every single one has achieved their goal.

How does Conscious Coaching work?

Conscious Coaching leads you, your team and your company through the 2 growth dimensions – Actions and Awareness – that turn coaching into a transformational tool.

On the Action dimension, coaching topics fall into 7 main focus areas that need to be aligned to ensure growth and success.

On the Awareness dimension, coaching focuses on dealing with attitudes and approaches that together make up a person’s level of awareness and state of consciousness.

Conscious coaching services

There are various types of coaching Conscious Coaching services on offer. Each programme is tailored to your organisational and individual needs.

Executive Coaching
  • One-on-one coaching sessions for senior leaders and managers who aim to progress in their roles and achieve their objectives. Coaching sessions center on leadership, To develop legendary leadership skills
  • For senior and middle managers as well as business leaders and CEOs
  • To enable transformational change in performance strengths and challenges
Team Coaching
  • On-going team development sessions to ensure the team is working as a highly performing team
  • To create a compelling vision, clearly defined roles, effective systems and processes
  • To measure and manage progression to success
Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • For CEOs, owners and leaders of small and medium businesses
  • To develop business leadership skills
  • To enable networking and learning from industry peers
  • To make coaching accessible to those who cannot afford individual sessions
  • To grow small organisations into great organisations
Organisational Coaching
  • To enable an entire organisation, department or team to achieve transformational change
  • Impact at the organisational, team and individual level
  • Outcome of coaching measured in terms of organisational outcomes
  • 30% increase in productivity and capacity

Typical coaching themes include…

The hands, head and heart of success
As within so without
Learner, leader, legend
The leadership / followership continuum
The attributes of legendary leaders
Power vs force
The 7 levels of motivation; how to motivate
The Heart of vision and purpose
The power of a big hairy audacious goal
Measuring for success
The PAIN process for leaders
Account-ability and response-ability
What does empowerment really mean?
Where am I in my role and my career?
Where do I want to be?
What could be developed to speed career progression?
The discipline of time management
Where does authority come from?
Building to grow; building to last
Developing self directed teams
Enabling exceptional team performance
Managing upwards, leading downwards
Developing exceptional individuals
The power of systems thinking
Consciousness in business
Dynamics of success
Influential communication
The shadow, the light and me
Coaching is the new leadership

Conscious Company technology will give you benefit, whether you are a team, a department, or an entire organisation. You will find immediate results and transformations at all levels even when a few senior people participate in the process.

John McChesney,  HR Director, Manx Telecom

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