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Coaching Services

We have several Conscious Coaching services on offer to individuals, teams and organisations.

Each programme is tailored to your organisational and individual needs.  Please see below the coaching course outlines and for more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching sessions centre on leadership and the development of legendary leadership skills. Sessions enable transformational change in performance strengths and challenges.

Executive coaching is designed to meet the needs of business leaders, directors, managers and C-level executives who wish to enhance individual ability to lead teams and organisations to extraordinary success. Using the principles of High Performance and the Science of Coaching Psychology these one-to-one sessions focus on the knowledge, emotional intelligence and awareness that is required of great leaders.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Entrepreneurial Coaching is for CEOs, owners and leaders of small to medium sized businesses.  Coaching facilitates the people development and the productivity and profit growth that small organisations need to change into great organisations:

  1. Develop business leadership style
  2. Realise organisational culture
  3. Enable networking skills with other businesses
  4. Learn from industry peers and comparable organisations
  5. Develop high performance skills in all areas of the business
Team Coaching

Team coaching is a powerful way of developing your organisation into high performance units. These sessions enable groups to explore and develop the characteristics of high performing teams that are able to achieve far greater success than was previously possible.

Sessions concentrate on 4 areas of focus:

  1. Creating trust and connection to underpin great communication
  2. Developing an inspiring focus and vision to guide the team forward
  3. Clarifying a common language of accountability and results
  4. Agreeing a cohesive commitment to outcomes and goals

As a result of team coaching, your teams will achieve measurably greater productivity and results than could have previously been imagined.

Change is transactional, enabling improved relationships, enhanced connection, commitment and trust. It also ensures increased commitment to goals and improved abilities to leverage strengths in a team to achieve results.

Organisational Coaching

Organisational coaching is designed to transform an entire organisation, department or team to become high performing with a 30% increase in productivity and capacity. This is the most powerful coaching model of all where the outcome of the coaching is measured in terms of organisational outcomes. This enables an entire organisation or division to undergo transformation on the spectrum of high performance, and ensures:

  1. Clarity of purpose, vision and goals
  2. Committed strategy and systems of measurement
  3. Empowering and motivating approaches to people management
  4. Simple and enduring systems and processes
  5. Emotionally intelligent customer partnerships
  6. Leveraged positioning in the industry and market
  7. Continuous focus on progress, improvement and innovation

All of these outcomes are achieved when the entire leadership team undergoes a coordinated coaching process that includes both team and individual coaching. The coaching concludes with a process that hands over the growth skills and enables organisation-wide coaching culture to continue the growth and benefits.

You can get in contact with The Conscious Company by phone, email or via the enquiry form to discuss implementing the best coaching programme for your organisation.

Transformational executive coaching so that you lead with awareness and vision

Powerful team coaching that aligns your people behind the goal and vision to ensure success

Entrepreneurial coaching so that your leadership skills change your company

Unique organisational coachingthat ensures your business growth exceeds expectations

Access to ‘conscious coaching’

that enables you to create systems strategies, people and processes that boost growth

Contact us to talk about Conscious Coaching


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