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Case Study 1:

The High-Performance Coaching Programme for a multi-national specialist engineering organisation: “FZA”

FZA wanted to become a High Performing Organisation and chose the Conscious Company approach because their coaching programme was designed to transform the entire organisation and embed the change into long term growth.

Step 1: The Way Forward Workshop

The programme started with a workshop to establish a ‘big hairy audacious goal’ that would guide progress to become a high-performing organisation.

“Everything has been driven by this goal, without it the change would not have happened, it has forced people out of their comfort zones.”

“With the whole drive towards the BHAG, we were thinking out of the box and looking at different ways of meeting customer needs.”

Step 2: Executive Coaching

The workshop was followed by individual coaching using tele-presence for each member of the leadership team.

Step 3: Team Coaching

The leadership transformation team also participated in team coaching sessions to inspire effective team working; and ensure empowerment, accountability and responsibility across the organisation.  

“Team members are aware they are being held more accountable.”

Step 4: Manager as Coach and passing the baton

The coaching sessions concluded when every leader attended a ‘Manager as Coach’ workshop to ensure that coaching became the preferred style for teams and individuals across the organisation.

As a result, the skills and approaches of high performance were passed on to each employee and team.

“Now that I have realised the value of coaching vs. directive leadership, it has had a huge impact on my team and results.”

Step 5: Evaluation

The financial impact of the HP Coaching programme was considerable. In the first year of the programme, FZA exceeded their productivity goals and achieved 17.7% profitability growth in a market that saw an average 3% growth.

As the MD commented:
“In the final 2 months, the entire organisation joined the rush to the goal. By the final month, everyone took the baton and ran towards the finishing line”

Evaluation processes plotted the change.

Step 6: Ongoing Transformation?

It became evident by the end, that Conscious Coaching now had a life far beyond the initial reach of the coaching programme.

A few years later, the next MD of FZA commented on the on-going impact of the High-Performance Programme:
“This coaching program ran for an estimated twelve months in conjunction with the simultaneous coaching of all of the Branch managers. Facilitation was in the format of individual and team sessions.
Following the coaching programme, when we realised what we could truly achieve, the challenge became not only setting new ambitious targets, but creating and maintaining a drive with sustainable pressure and energy to keep the focus and heightened levels of performance.

What a powerful and transformational experience.”

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