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Case Study 2:

The High-Performance Coaching Programme for Multi-national online gaming organisation based in Europe: “PBS”

This multi-national gaming organisation (PBS) had grown fast in a newly developing market and industry. They needed to adopt high-performance capabilities to continue to expand in a competitive environment.

Step 1: Executive coaching programme for 25 senior leaders

PBS started the Conscious Coaching Programme as an executive coaching development programme to improve skills, capability, motivation and leadership for senior leaders and then expanded the programme to become a high-performance organisation.

“Everyone was changing their style and approach and becoming excited and enthused about what was possible if we changed the way we worked.”

“Although the initial coaching was for individual executives, the senior leadership team began to see and discuss the bigger picture and to visualise the kind of organisation we wanted to create.”

Step 2: Way forward workshop for the senior leadership team

The way forward workshop was run to enable the SLT to decide their ‘big hairy audacious goal’ that would measure progress towards a high-performance organisation.

“The ‘BHAG’ was scary but exciting at the same time. It was linked to a very inspiring vision and if we achieved it, would mean we had grown 20% in a challenging market.”

Step 3: Team coaching for 12 teams

Once the BHAG had been agreed, each leader became focused on developing the skills and approach in their team that would be required to achieve it. Team coaching was conducted to create the skills and capabilities of high-performance team working at all levels. High productivity, commitment and accountability became the watchwords of the whole organisation.

“When the senior leadership team asked for team coaching it was clear that they were taking on the capabilities of organisational leadership and driving the process proactively.”

Team coaching started towards the end of the first year to ensure that all participants knew how to create high performing teams and work at a higher and smarter level than previously.

“Team members are aware they are being held more accountable. Everything is benchmarked. This has contributed to much higher performance.”

Step 4: Collaborative coaching for small groups

As part of this team coaching process, team members participated in 3-way coaching sessions where they were coached to coach their team members. Coaching was encouraged to become the preferred style of leadership across the organisation.

“We were learning on 3-levels in each collaborative coaching session. It created huge transformation in all teams. Once we realised how powerful coaching is as a leadership style, it became more entrenched in the organisational culture. We could see the performance improve regularly.”

Step 5: Evaluation, and the results

The initial impact of the HP Coaching Programme was on ways of working which led to a new organisational structure and new approach to product, process and people.

Once the new ways of working became embedded across the organisation, the impact began to be felt by productivity improvements. Each team was required to create a team BHAG to measure their annual growth. This ensured huge progress in productivity and profitability increased by 20% at the end of the second year following the start of the programme.

Nearly 3 years after the start of the programme, the CEO said:
“This was transformative. We totally changed our approach and the results followed. As people began to see the results improve, passion increased across the organisation. The desire to keep growing has become our driving force. We feel as if we are finally on our way to the true possibilities available to our organisation.”

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