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About the Conscious Company

“The results have been outstanding. With each session, I could see the organisation visibly changing for the better. Thank you.”

– Michael Crane Operations Director, IDIS World Medicines

What is the Conscious Company?

The Conscious Company is a coaching organisation formed in 1996 in response to the need for greater ‘change intelligence’ and the emergence of ‘wisdom’ in the world.

The world is changing at ever-greater speeds; almost as if time is speeding up. This has caused a massive shift in how we do business; what previously took a generation to embed as new consciousness now only takes a decade or even just a year.

In reality of course, it is not time that is speeding up, it is the ability to access information.

With the inception of the World Wide Web, knowledge is now freely available. It is now no longer enough to have access to information and skills. Organisations and businesses need to know how to interpret and use this knowledge in a way that serves a fast-changing, increasingly discerning world.

As a company working within this explosion of change while simultaneously growing to new levels of profit, reach and performance, you need to move proactively into this new business paradigm by developing exceptional levels of ‘change intelligence’. Yet, even this will not be enough.

The Age of Knowledge has now given way to the Age of Consciousness, a term we coined because wisdom has become its most important leadership skill.

Wisdom stems from the ability to silence the noise and sift through to the intuitive truth within. It is the ability to access this truth in service of growth and change that creates legendary leaders who can survive and thrive in this new reality.

This has profound implications for how you develop your people, your teams and indeed your entire organisation. Only an organisation run at the speed of consciousness™ can keep pace.

So if you want to create an organisation that leads in this new Age, you need a coaching company that understands how to develop your leaders and your teams with the audacity, awareness and attention they need to thrive in a business running at the speed of consciousness™.

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Meet the founder of The Conscious Company

ANNE FULLER-GOOD is a creative and innovative coach who has been involved in organisational growth, leadership transformation and at the forefront of the coaching field for more than 20 years with people and organisations in South Africa, the UK, the Isle of Man, the European Union as well as in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Anne coaches senior and executive leaders to grow their organisations, teams and career significantly over a short period of time. Her primary focus is helping leaders to become legends.

She has designed and led various organisational and team transformation initiatives, working across the full spectrum of financial services, industrial and manufacturing organisations. Her aim is to enable an organisation and its teams and leaders to increase productivity and capability by as much as 30% within the period of a year.

Anne achieves this enormous growth by showing leaders how the ‘Age of Knowledge’ has now given way to the ‘Age of Consciousness’. This has led to an entirely new world of work that has become increasingly complex, demanding attributes of integrity, authenticity, wisdom and courage from both its leaders and its organisations.

Anne is known for coining the term ‘The Age of Consciousness’ to describe these emerging changes and has become the pioneer for identifying the new skills and approaches required of leaders who need to harness the speed of consciousness to enable growth in this new age. Her coaching enables heightened awareness of the choices available in attitude, approach and actions for the leader who operates at the hands, head and heart of the organisation.

Leadership and organisational development is Anne’s passion. Working with how to help leaders grow their organisations and teams from potential to powerful simply through evolving their ability to operate at the speed of consciousness is her unique contribution. Anne is widely recognised for The Conscious Company, an innovative organisational coaching model that shows organisations how to leverage their resources and improve their business results by as much as 30% year on year.

Anne has a Masters Degree in Coaching Psychology from Middlesex University UK (cum laude); a Degree in Clinical Psychology; is qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner, holds a European Master Certified Coach qualification and a Post-graduate Diploma in Executive and Personal Coaching. This enables her to bring an acute understanding of human nature to the work. Anne is known for her practical and sensitive approach, her humour, her focus on results, and for her insightful coaching.

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