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Coaching at the speed of Consciousness

Welcome to The Conscious Company

Coaching at the speed of Consciousness

Welcome to The Conscious Company

Coaching at the speed of Consciousness

Welcome to The Conscious Company

Specialists in transformational coaching enabling organisations, teams and leaders to become consistently high performing

The business world continues to change at ever-greater speeds. While 1970 to 1990 were named the ‘Age of Knowledge’ when business success was predicated on the units of knowledge a business ‘owned’, the launch of the world wide web in 1991 meant that knowledge became increasingly free and available to all.  This led to a shift in organisational focus.

As data connectivity grew, the years from 2000 became known as the ‘Age of Customer’. And in 2016, the term the 4th Industrial Revolution was coined to indicate connectivity and growth with exponential change its hallmark. Companies found that continuous improvement became the only way forward.

Changes that previously took a generation to embed and create new consciousness, now take such swift and sharp turns that organisations strive to stay ahead.  In 2020 we’ve had the challenges of a global pandemic.  The need for agility, resilience, courage and wisdom becomes ever present in each organisation to deal with change. 

Now we have:-

Pressure on integrity Increased competition; temptation to cut corners. Without trust, businesses struggle in open information environment.
Increased selection and competition Internet and social media make customers are more savvy in pricing, product and process.
Customer loyalty Customers are less loyal; have more competition and choice.
Marketing With so many communication channels it is increasingly difficult to market
Uncertainty Economic, social and geo-political changes; trade wars, Brexit, more volatile financial changes.
Regulation Uncertain uncertain energy, environmental, financial policy across major markets (US, Europe, China)
Problem solving and risk management Fast changing business environment; magnified world of connectivity and require immediate solutions. Most organisations do not have the skills at senior levels to deal with this effectively.
Staff Finding the right staff, retaining them, developing them appropriately and getting them to buy into the vision of the business is a challenge for all companies today.
It’s why we’ve named this huge shift the Age of Conscious-nessTM: It is an age that rewards wisdom, awareness, rapid change and emotional intelligence. And it requires an entirely different approach to people and organisational development.

This is where the Conscious Company and Conscious Coaching fits in.

The Conscious Company will enable your people, your individuals and your whole organisation to develop the awareness, approach and actions of constant growth and progression. In short, the Conscious Company will enable you to become a High Performing Organisation. And then they will hand over the skills so that you continue this constant growth and change for yourself.

What is a High Performing Organisation?

Performs better than its peers

Empowers and involves all staff

Responsibility, accountability, commitment high

Flexible self managed teams

Outcomes clear and inspiring

Results focused

Managers coach and facilitate

Executive Coaching

Grow Leaders into legends

Executive Coaching sessions centre on leadership and the development of legendary leadership skills.

Team Coaching

Grow Teams into Triumph

Team coaching is a powerful way of developing your organisation into high performance units.

Organisational Coaching

Grow large organisations into game changers

Organisational coaching is designed to transform an entire organisation, department or team.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Grow small companies into success

Entrepreneurial Coaching is for CEOs, owners and leaders of small to medium sized businesses.

Integrated Coaching

High-Performance Coaching for Organisations

This is a 2-year programme designed to enable exponential growth and change.

The results have been outstanding.

With each session, I could see the organisation visibly changing for the better. Thank you.

Michael Crane
Operations Director, IDIS World Medicines

Anne changed my life.

It might seem like an oversell, but it is the truth. In simple terms she gave me skills to help so many people resolve tricky and complicated issues without conflict.

Fiona Hobbs, Head of Employee Relations and Engagement, Heathrow

Some of our Clients

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